How it works

Either pop into one of our locations and collect a gift tag or click the "Give a Gift" button below; here you can select a child you would like to buy a gift for.

We will provide you with the first name, age and gender of the child

together with a suggestion of the gift they would like. 

Each child has a unique reference code which enables us to

match the gift with the child; please attach this code to your gift(s)!

  • Gifts must be brand new and in their packaging.

  • The value of the gift must be kept between the £20 - £30 limit.

  • Please include a set of compatible batteries if a toy is battery operated.

  • If cosmetics are being brought, please avoid brands marked with inappropriate imagery (i.e. "sexy" or similar) 

  • Please do not add personal or religious messages to the gifts.

  • Deliver to your chosen location with the gifts in a gift bag; please do not wrap the present.

  • For Gift Vouchers we recommend One4All from the Post Office with some chocolates or stocking filler.

  • Attach to your gift bag the child's name and reference code.

Remember; the gift is from Santa, so please do not write your name on the tag!

Gift list now closed for 2021